Friday, August 14, 2009

Died of Crappy diet program

Just came across this news over the web. Sad to hear that this women had died with drinking too much water by taking the lighter Life Diet program. She was died of swelling of her brain with too much water cause by saturation of water in her body. The Quote extrated from the news articles on her husband comments.

"Mr Henson, 40, said: ‘I would like to discourage any women from doing this kind of crash diet. Even if you are healthy like my wife was, these diets can still be risky."

In my view, Lighter Life is a crappy diet program. One should NEVER EVER taking part in a drastic plan in loosing weight. Practically Lighter weight advice people not to eat & replace it with meal replacement & drinking water. It is a Very Low Calories Diet (VLCD). In fact, I would encourage people not to take more than 1 meal replacement in a day. Weight loss should be gradual and it should be fun. Although drinking more water does make you feel "full", but nothing is better than a good natural nutritional meal.

As mentioned in my Effective Weight Loss Master Plan, one should always keep a journal and plan the weight loss gradually. A good balance is important. You should not have too much shock to your body. Too drastic changes to your eating pattern is extremely dangerous.

To see the news, you can visit the link below

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