Monday, August 3, 2009

Weight Loss Diet Tips

Diet is one of the most important area in your weight loss program. Whatever extra calories that we are not able to utilise in our diet will be converted to fat. The equation is as below

Weight ( Gain / or Loss ) = Calories intake - Calories burn

So if your body can burn more than the diet that you consumed, the stored fat in the body will be burned to support your energy requirement. However, it is important not to trigger the hunger signal in your brain in the process of lower your food consumption. When the hunger signal is trigger, your body will try to slow down the metabolism to conserve the calories burn to avoid tapping into the fat reserve. So how do you achieve that?

Consume high fibre food
One way to achieve this is to replace your diet with items that is higher in fibre. It will give you a more 'full' feeling. In addition, diet that is higher in fibre will also slow down the sugar release into the blood stream so that it will not release the insulin into your blood stream. Insulin in the blood stream is actually the culprit to quickly bring the sugar to our liver and cover it into fat & store it into our body. Along with that the sugar level drop drastically and you will feel hungry more quickly. Follow that your mind will send the signal to your brain to slow down the metabolism as the hunger signal give your body a false signal that your food resources is not sufficient. In contrast, your body has a lot of store fat.

Consume mixture of complex & simple carbohydrate
With the absorption of the carbohydrate at different rate. (Glycemic index. Please check out more in our future blog on the glycemic index of various food, the lower the glycemic index the slower it will release the glucose into the blood stream) The glucose level in the blood will be more consistent. Hence, less insulin will be release into the blood stream. The glucose in our blood will be maintain in our blood stream as a fuel sources for a longer period. Hence, assist the body to burn more calories. In addition, it will also keep us full for a long period hence naturally control us to eat lesser.

Once you have a good understanding of how our food affect our weight loss. it will be very easy to tune your body to burn off more fat.

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