Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nutrition - Key to weight Loss

I have many friend asking me. What should I eat to loss weight ? Should I take more,carbo, fat or protein? Even if you do a lots of reading on books or publication, you will see one diet plan try to preech against the other. So what is ready the best way to eat? Seriously, I am also quite quite confuse 20 years ago when I started to research into nutrition & diet planning. It is like hunting into the wild jungle.

Is there really a simple way? Hmm............. Just any how eat lor.......hahaa.....

Wrong !! Luckily, there is a simple guideline. Phiew !!

The basic fundamental is nutrition. Once your diet plan is nutrition enough, it will burn more fat and make you feel less hungry. Basically, our body have requirement for vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein (9 essential amino acids), carbohydrates, oil & fat. So a balance nutrition approach is important. So in order to determine what do take you have to have a basic understanding of the followings:-
Good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates
Not all carbohydrates are bad. In fact carbohydrate give us a good source of energy. The challenge is process carbohydrates is very low in fibre & has almost no mineral & vitamins. So as much as possible try to avoid white rice, white bread, french fries & high sugar drink (contain chemical & extremely high sugar content but zero in nutrition). Consume more good carbohydrates like fruits (apple,grapefruit,Kiwi & etc) & vegtables (cucumber, lettuces, pumpkin & etc).

Protein are general good especially it is the main ingredient to build muscle. If you are very conscious about the quality protein. You might like to go for fishes instead of beef. White meat is considered as a better source of protein. There are really no necessity to avoid egg if you do not consume too much. In fact, the egg yoke is full of nutrient. Fat should be avoided from other source rather than from egg. For most body builder, they usually consume a lot of eggs with only 2 egg yoke to avoid too much fat.

Fat & Oil
Olive oil & Salmon fish oil are healthy source of oil. In fact, both prevent the oxidant of LDL. So it is a good form of cholesterol. Especially for Salmon fish oil which is extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acid (contain DHA) which is good for the brain. Avocado is also a form of good fat. All these food in fact will regulate the glucose level in our blood stream thus reduce the insulin being produce. It causes our body to have the feeling "full" effects.

Another important fact to consider beside the nutrition facts. One should also avoid food that will cause allergy to them. For example, for those people that are high in uric acid, they should avoid soy protein unless it is specially treated to remove the purine. Beside than, one should consider a wide variety of food to ensure a good spread of nutrient rather than simply based on calories, carbohydrates, proteins or fats.

Remarks : people with medical condition should consult their doctor or nutritionist before planning or executing their diet.

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