Monday, August 3, 2009

Effective Weight Loss Master Plan

With the convenient of technology, obesity has rapidly became the problem of more people in the modern days. Especially with the automation facilities such as lift, esculator & efficient transportation system, people reduce their chances of exercise drastically. In addition to this problem, modern diet of high fat with high carbohydrate has treamendously worsen the problem. It became a chanllenge to maintain an ideal weight. So to combat the obesity problem, a total approach to weight loss is essential. It is the ultimate solution to a sustainable weight control rather than just dieting where it slow down the metabolism rate. Once you stop dieting, your weight will shoot up rapidly. In a yo-yo syndrome is more harmful.

So how to plan and execute an effective weight loss program?

Mindset and determination

You have to provide yourself with strong reason why you need to loss that weight. The more reasons that you can think off will ultimately give you more support. As the motivation get stronger, the execution will be easier later. Next you have to set yourself the ideal weight that you want to achieve. Use some visual way as a gauge, eg. like a particular size of dress or shirt that you target to wear ultimately. Imagine yourself fitting into that dress and feel the excitement & happiness. When you are able to associate a strong emotion of imaging achieving your goal, you will have a stronger inspiration to maintain your program during the execution.

Keep a journal

Record in a note book all the foods that you intake and the time that you consume it. Also record the amount of time that you spend on exercising and being inactive (eg. sitting infront of the TV). By writing into down, you strengthen your determination towards your goal. It will also help you to able to adjust and review your program later on. The more details it is, the more effective it will be.

Plan a gradual weight loss plan

It will make your journey more enjoyable. This is very critical as it avoid the possibility of the yo-yo syndrome. Another major reason of doing so is due to medical reason. It is always dangerous to loose your weight drastically as your metabolism system will be totally distrupted. You might not have enough of nutrition to provide your body to function properly. Slimming down drastically is no good. With a much gradual planning, it will also give you the necessary encouragement along the way as the target is much easier to achieve and you will be less likely to give up. You can always improve you plan later on when your body is able to adopt to the changes with ease.

Plan your diet

This is the most important aspect in an effective weight loss program. Probably, you will exercise one to three times a week. However, you will be taking at least twenty one meal (based on a 3 meals per day diet). As diet is a very complex segment, we will look into it in details along the way.

Plan your exercise

Exercise is an important approach in weight loss. Always set gradual target. You need to condition your heart slowly. In fact, a lower intensity but spread over a wider duration will burn more fat eventually. It also give you better motivation as it is more achiveable. In addition, when you break down to do the exercise more frequently, it is also easier for you to form the habit of exercising. Always start off with an easy form of exercise such as cycling. It is also more convenient to carry out the exercise where you can work out on a cycling machine while you watch your TV.

Monitor your result every fortnightly and improve on your program

As most weight loss take time, do not be anixious to monitor your result daily as it will make you demoralised. If you are having some success, reward yourself along the way. It will keep you motivated and sustain your plan.

There are no short cut to sustainable weight loss in a healthy way. A slow and steady way will make you weight loss enjoyable and hence give you lots of motivation to stick to your plan. You need a master plan in place to ensure long term success.

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