Monday, August 3, 2009

Effective Exercise to burn fat

Exercise is one great way to burn of the extra fat. Exercise will increase a higher metabolism rate. Hence, it will help you to burn off more fat. However, intensive exercise is targeted more into building cardio strength and the effectiveness of fat burning is lower.

For effective fat burning, increase the exercise duration rather than increase the intensity is more fruitful. It is important to have a long term planning to ensure that your exercise routine is sustainable in longer terms. Intensive workout tend to induce more sport injuries and also stressed out the body. Water losses actually formed the main losses for intensive workout. In fact, weight training is one of the effective way to burn fat at the same time, it help you to build up muscle. scientific studies showed that weight training is a very effective to stimulate the growth hormone and hence improve the muscle growth and burn more fat.

While planing your exercise schedule, it is always better to spread out the exercise program. For fat burning, it will be better to schedule a 'fast-walk' for 4 times a week rather than running for the same duration 2 times a week. A well spread out training program will help you to formed the habit of exercising

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