Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glycemic Index - Essentials criteria to weight Loss

If you are serious about your weight loss, Glycemic Index (GI) is one criteria that you must consider seriously. It is one of the far most important criteria. Most of the diet plan monitor the GI index of the carbohydrate food intake, be it Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, diet for diabetic or etc. So why is Glycemic Index so important? How it work help you to burn more fat?

Firstly, we will look into how GI is measured.

GI is an index ranging from 0 ~ 100 where 100 being the highest reference to glucose. (the most common methods as some method is using white bread as reference) The higher the GI reading, the faster the carbohydrate will breakdown into glucose and release into the blood stream. High Glycemic Index food are generally processed food such as white bread, rice & baked goods. High GI food cause the blood glucose to raiser rapidly. Low GI food are mostly food which is high in fiber and slow in breaking down into glucose in the blood stream. Whole grain & vegetable make up the low GI food category.

How the low GI contribute to your weight loss?

The main grouping of food are carbohydrate, protein & fats which product as the sources of energy. Carbohydrate itself has no nutritional value and mainly is to contribute as an energy source for the body. As the carbohydrate enter into the blood stream as glucose. Insulin is release by our body into the blood stream to balance off the glucose and burn off as fuel. Any glucose that is not consumed will be brought to the liver and converted into fat and stored for futures usage. during this procedure the insulin will drop drastically as the liver converted the glucose into fat and hence causes the insulin drop. Due to the drop in insulin, you will feel a sense of hunger. Therefore high GI food cause you to get hungry faster and intake more calories. whereas low Gi food will keep you full for a longer time and also intake less calories. In fact, while the low GI food is unable to supply glucose to meet your body demand in energy initially, it will triggered your brain to start converting some of your stored fat into carbohydrate and burn of as energy.

So if you are able to use the GI index wisely in your dietary planning, you will be able to eat less & burn more fats. Scientific studies has showed that people that using a low GI diet is having less likely with type 2 diabetic disease & heart disease. So in order to have a more effective weight loss program. Always check the GI chart and plan your meal properly. The glycemic index table is easily available from USDA.

Good luck! Thank you for reading the effective weight loss program and I wish you great success in reducing the extra kilos.

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