Monday, August 17, 2009

Effective Diet Planning to loose weight

One of my friends has consulted me a bout one month back. He told me he is extremely confused with so much diet plan suggestion. Yes, you named it. There are plenty of diet plan out there such as South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Glycemic Index Diet, Cookies Diet, Cambridge Diet, Lighter life Diet & so on.... so on.........

Most of them does work in certain way. One may be more risky than the other. Most of the plan has certain consideration or planning in mind. So what is the best way?

In fact, I had tried many different diet plan. (I really research into all area of exercise & diet. I believe, it is no point to be just with theory but no practical experiences) Some of the plan is so low in calories or nutrient that made your body feel so weak. I am not over weight. In fact, far from it. I am 5fts 6 inches and my weight is usually around 130 pounds and seldom exceed 140 pounds. In my late twenties, I weight about 150 pounds with intensive weight training. From mid 30's, I focus much more on long distance jogging which build on my endurance. From then on, I usually maintain at around 130 pounds. So with my lean body weight, it hardly requires much energy to support it. Yet those low calories diet will make you have quiet a lousy feeling. With that, it in facts slow down my body metabolism. Many people only look into the calories, carb or fats.. but they forgot the most important factor...... their body.
Yes! your body is a self regulating machine. It will try to adjust itself based on what is given to you. When you in take less food, it will try to put your body into conservation mode. Of course you can try to push it further by doing more exercise, but it is dangerous and could be harmful to your body. You will started to have a lousy feeling.

So, it is no point to have such a lousy feeling. It will lower your morale and it is bad for your weight loss in long term. My friend, you need to lift up your feeling to battle the long term weight loss plan. If the journey is enjoyable, you will feel motivated and press on in long run.

I would suggest that you should at least have 4 meals in a day. (If you are doing a lot of weight training you might wanted to go for 6 meals in a day). Did you get it wrong? If you are trying to loose weight & loose fat, isn't it you should consume less meals? When your body noticed that you are taking less, it will try to store more fat. Yes, it set provision that you might not have food down the line and started storing. When you break down into 4 meals or more, your mind get the signal that supply is sufficient. So it will continue to burn off the excess and even tap into the reserve. Especially if you breakdown, to smaller meal, the body can absorb the nutrient better and there are less extra for the body to store and it can be burn off properly. ( Yes, you can burn off more fat if your body did not feel starving.

So how should you distribute the 4 meals? I encourage breakfast to be bigger as we are not consuming any food for abt 9~11 hours when we sleep. Most of our proteins has also been used for tissue repair. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast. Dinner & supper should be lightest. ( Especially supper, it should be mainly be protein based so that it can be useful for tissue repair. The carb should be low as your body is not going to need a lot of energy while sleeping.

It is quite complex with the detail planning. So, if you have any question, I will try my best to answer your comments here. So do leave me a note.

My finger has it fair share of exercise today. So do look out for my next post. With you great success in your weight loss. Thank you for reading my effective weight loss program.

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  1. Yes I have reviewed quite a few diet plans and concluded it best to stay clear of the fad diets that lose weight quickly.

    You need to ensure you are not loosing muscle when you diet. Most people know it all comes dowm to calories in versus calories out.

    Taking additional meals each day is a great help to keep the hungry feel away. I agree with your breakfast theory.

    Keep up the good work.

    Trevor D

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for your comments. I had visited your website.
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    Nice job. Keep expanding your reviews and wishing you great success :)

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